Here at Cali High, our mission is to inform and entertain. To bring light to an industry that has yet to see the full light of day. Highlighting the craft and technique of masters, the knowledge and practice of professionals and the experience and insights of connoisseurs. To explore the history and mystique of cannabis from every corner of the globe to the corner dispensary.

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Cenzo Nico

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Founder and CEO, Cenzo, has been an educator in California for 25 years, but he has been a connoisseur of cannabis for over 50 years. And now, after a rewarding career of teaching English and journalism, and having been a lover of cannabis and always having been close to the industry, he decided to combine his love of cannabis with his love of journalism into this Cali High podcast.


Cali High Episode 25: Roger Steffens -a Revisit

Cali High checks back with reggae archivist and Bob Marley biographer, Roger Steffens, and we talk about the late Frederick “Toots” Hibbert of Toots and the Maytals who died on September 11, 2020, and the effort to get him into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Roger shares stories of times spent with Toots.

We also briefly discuss efforts to buy the voluminous reggae archives from Roger for a seven-room reggae museum in Montego Bay, Jamaica and his new memoir about his time in Vietnam.

Audio on all podcast platforms and Video on YouTube. YouTube link at the bottom of links page via the bio @calihighla

90 Degrees to Zamboanga part 2, with author and former cannabis smuggler, Rick Bibbero. Rick returns with the rest of the smuggling adventures from Thailand, chased by pirates in the Sulu Sea, chipping off deck ice in the Pacific Ocean, betrayal by associates, eating durian and the exciting conclusion of his smuggling life.

Cali High plans to bring you interviews with notable cannabis personalities as well as common cannabis aficionados. We will cover all aspects of cannabis in California and how the rest of the cannabis world relates to California. We will work to get the story from all players out on the plains of this wild frontier of our new cannabis world. We will feature musicians that share a love of cannabis. Notable sports personalities and actors will share their stories. Because there is no end to the love of cannabis, there will be no end to the news, features, business, and entertainment surrounding this cannabis world we will bring to you with insight, experience, and love.

Cenzo Nico


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